Warn Winch Parts

Knowing the Different Uses for Warn Winch Parts

A winch is a hand-powered or motor driven anchored machine used for hauling and hoisting. A drum with a rope or chain is attached to the transported load. Warn Winch Parts Winch parts come in various categories and are designed for specific types of towing jobs. This is also the case for Warn winch parts. They are designed for more power in pulling. Helpful information can be found by visiting a professional dealership that sells them. Nevertheless, theuseof this tool expands to just about any type of trucks, jeep, or utility vehicles.

A truck winch can have more than 10 Warn winch parts. Gears, solenoids, gaskets, motors, batteries and drums are just a few of the many parts. Truck winches with afaultygasket will lose valuables fluids. E-Auto Parts sell permanent magnet or wound winch motors withreversiblerotation. Permanent magnet motors have no coils and cut down on battery drainage.In other words, it requires fewerampsto pull a motor.Weight is approximately 11.31 pounds. Great for high speeds and heavy-duty jobs, they deliver great torque.Warn Winch Parts

A Gear part may wear out at some time in the life a winch. There are three types of gear system Warn winch parts. The planetary gear, the spur gear and the worm gear mechanisms are allefficient. Usage depends on the type of winch and the transfer efficiency needed for specific purposes. A Planetary gear shifts down the gear speed and lowers the torque. They are 65 percent efficient. Replacement parts for the winch effectively work for its purpose. Many are installed with just a few bolts, lock washers and a pair of pliers. Cable wires can be routed alongside the radiator, and then attach cables to the battery. Instruction manuals and Internet research is available to help.

Warn Industries stocks an extreme terrain winch, model 78500 XT15, that comes equipped with a sealed handled bar and a mounted mini-rocker switch. It has planetary gears that operate in three stages with 40 feet long rope used in plow lifting. It can pull up to 1500 pounds. Better yet, other Warn winch parts include the RT40 Warn winch part with wire rope for pulling up to 4000 pounds. It is reported to be the most powerful winch. It is specially designed for pulling UTV weight. It has a waterproof contractor and a roller fairlead. The motor pack 1.5 horsepower. Warn also sells a well stocked accessory kit.

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